Three surprising ways to sell your house without paying any fees will show you ways through which you can make that financially convenient sale in Arizona without losing extra money. Selling your home in Arizona can be an exciting prospect until the listing agent includes a commission which can take a massive bite of the money gained from the sale. Sometimes people are discouraged from making a sale because of the exorbitant processing fees incurred by the agents and other actors. Due to the lack of knowledge of alternative methods, sellers refer to go-betweens who charge fees that can be better used somewhere else. There are other methods available through which the sale of a house can be successfully executed without the need for any service fee. Some of these methods are safe with no backlash and mistakes.

Three surprising ways to sell your house without paying any fees

  • Through FSBO (For sale by Owner): this method allows you to sell your home without the help of a listing agent. It gives you complete authority over the proceedings during the sale. You can put up your house for sale at any local outlet, and then you wait for buyers to contact you. This method allows you to communicate directly with the seller, which gives you more room to negotiate without worrying about the listing agent. And since the seller knows so much about the home, the buyer gets very detailed information about the home or property in question. 
  • Online listing: There are some particular websites where you can put your home up for sale, and then you get interested buyers to chat you up before you guys go through the negotiation process. Because there is no listing agent involved, you are exempted from the agent commission fees.
  • Sell to a Cash Buyer: this is when the seller sells to someone called a cash buyer who makes a home cash offer to the seller before Selling the house. Selling to a Cash Buyer is an efficient, safe, and fast method to sell your house without extra fees. You can directly receive the money for the home or property easily and quickly after the sale has been made, and you get to skip the usual tradition of a home makeover or a show and tell. Everything is done without a hitch and smoothly. You also get to avoid the delays associated with the home inspection, paperwork, mortgage approval, and other types of alternative payments. Everything is done smoothly and quickly. It is the most advisable option.

 Commission fees are sometimes uncomfortable, especially when you are tight on money. Trying to sell the home by yourself might end up doing more harm than good. It is advisable to sell to a reliable Cash buyer like SHRUBBY. They offer smooth sales and give you a fantastic home cash offer. Plus, they buy homes in any condition. They buy houses as-is and give you the best deal available for them.