A common misconception that people have about selling a home is that once they sell a property, they have to let it go forever. Homes can hold a lot of sentimental value, so it can be difficult to say a permanent goodbye. However, there are ways that you can rent your home after selling it.

Why Would You Want to Rent Instead of Own?

You may be wondering what the benefits are to renting instead of owning your own home. Ownership often brings a great sense of pride, but there is also a lot of responsibility and stress correlated with home ownership. Some of the things among many others that you have to worry about when you own a home are mortgage payments and expensive maintenance. Owning a home can also make it more difficult to pick up and move quickly if you want to or need to. Renting allows for decreased responsibility to maintain and preserve the property as well as increased flexibility.

Sell to a Cash Homebuying Company

If you sell your home to a cash home buying company, you can eventually rent it back from them in the future. Cash home buying companies buy homes, fix them up to their liking, and then resell or rent them out. Once the homebuying company has done whatever they see fit to change in the home, you can try renting it out instead of owning it.

Rent Your Old Home

If you think that you might want to rent your old home when you are selling to a cash home buying company, you can let them know during the selling process. As long as you have a steady income to pay for rent, they would most likely be very willing to have you as a tenant since that would save them the time of having to find a tenant.

Renting your home after selling it to a cash home buying company would feel a lot like owning it did. In fact, it might even feel better because you don’t have to worry about extensive expenses and maintenance. By renting out your old property, you would still be comfortably in the same home making memories in a place that you love.

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